2021-10-27 Hypha Worker Co-op Quarterly Planning - Quarter 4 2021 🐛🌱🎛️

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Time: 5:00-7:00pm ET
Location: https://link.hypha.coop/calls
Attending: yj, el, bl, uv, dc
Cultivator: uv
Notetaker: bl


Item Time (min)
Personal Checkins 5
Announcements 5
Working Group Updates 15
Project Updates 15
Discussions 20


Personal Checkins

Q: Are you planning on travelling/doing anything for december holidays? bl: staying here el: no plans dc: no plans, not sure if visiting family yj: toronto uv: too lazy to sort visa


Quarterly planning

template: https://github.com/hyphacoop/organizing/blob/main/templates/planning.md

last meeting we did: https://meetings.hypha.coop/2021-04-21-quarterly-planning-spring-2021.html

Proposed Process

Before the call

  1. Ask people to update their hours in clockify
  2. Use this generic link, replace STARTDATE + ENDDATE for that quarter: https://clockify.me/reports/summary?start=STARTDATET00:00:00.000Z&end=ENDDATET23:59:59.999Z&filterValuesData>T23:59:59.999Z&filterValuesData=%7B%22clients%22:%5B%225d0ba1b0a02f7a3e65052013%22%5D%7D&filterOptions=%7B%22clients%22:%7B%22status%22:%22ACTIVE%22%7D%7D
  3. Go to our CRM and make a copy of this sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LyElXvLj7ASclSPQqcgOnuEWqBWBStilEfOhIosZzhA/edit#gid=858595530

During the call

  1. Share screen with both
    • Last quarter spending
    • Copy of initiative sheet
  2. For each initiatve, put in actual hours + get updates from initiative members, on the right side
  3. Ask if we are sunsetting any initiatives
  4. Ask if we are adding new initiatives
  5. Add next quarter initiatives to the left side
  6. Update/fine tune hours as a whole

For today


Potential new initiatives:

TODO add to handbook


CONSENSED 315 hours proposed ~ 63 hrs of work per member over three months

Action Items for Cultivator

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