2019-05-27 & 29 Toronto Workers Co-op: All-Hands and Business Planning

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Monday May 27

Time: 18:00 - 20:00 EDT
Location: https://meet.jit.si/offline





Quick Working Group Updates

Business Plan Discussions

1. General reflections

2. Competitive positioning and Offerings

3. Sweat Equity

Consensed: all present agreed to the following sweat equity approach:

Wednesday May 29

Time: 18:00 - 20:00 EDT
Location: OCAD 2nd Floor Cafeteria




4. Membership

5. Projects: Pricing and Leads

Start with three pitches:

  1. Aether (general sense of fit)
    • hourly rate are we okay with it?
    • some capcity, we are on the learning side (understood and okay with that)
  2. Patcon’s: Consult (less, but sense that it fits)
    • consultation; maybe moves into implementation (unclear)
    • Is it okay if projects are individual?
    • Prioritizing repeat and ongoing leads
    • timeline: immediate, lead generation
    • budget: unknown
  3. Udit’s (less clear but sense)
    • (unprepared)
    • lead through other employer involved in much larger set of strategy and development
    • sub outcomes: technologies they want to build: website; design deliverables - coop as vendor - timeline: project mid-2020; implementation late-2020 - budget: unknown (bit potential range)

Opening to discussion:

6. Compensation

7. Financal Plan

8. Strategic Plan (lite)

9. Review/walkthrough Articles of Incorporation

Follow Up

Actionable Items

Upcoming Discussions