2019-03-20 Toronto Workers Co-op: All-Hands Meeting

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Time: 5:00-6:00 pm EDT Location: https://meet.jit.si/offline Attending:





Naming Next Steps

Incorporation Fund Agreement

Name and Incorporation Process

  1. Get the money: send to one person electronically (Yurko)
  2. Domain search (and register): not .coop domain now (Yurko!)
  3. Nuans search: perform Nuans search with “Hypha”

Domain Searching Shortlist


future goals: .coop pc dc bl uv

buying: .systems dc pc el yj .codes dc yj pc el .club dc yj uv bl

long list: .earth pc gi uv .zone dc yj .garden gi .eco => hypha.eco pc .xyz gi .horse bl .es => hypha.es .cc .one .social .estate => hypha.estate .gg .digital .exchange .camp .land .plus .community .to

Upcoming Discussions

Actionable Items

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