2020-03-30 Hypha Worker Co-op: Business Planning Branding/Website Check-in

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Time: 5:00-6:00pm ET
Location: https://jitsi.hypha.coop/hyphacoop
Attending: gi, dc, uv
Cultivator: uv
Notetaker: dc


Main issue: https://github.com/hyphacoop/organizing/issues/77

Synthesis on what will happen

This iteration of website:

Next iteration of website:

Plan or work:

2020-03-31 Hypha Website/Branding Co-work session

Call to action:

Like others in the Great Lakes region and Toronto, we’ve been closely monitoring the Novel Coronavirus 2019 situation via Toronto Public Health and Ontario Ministry of Health.

We’re offering assistance and sharing resources on how we work as a remote-first worker co-operative in solidarity with workers transitioning to working from home -> https://covid19.hypha.coop/

Who we are

We are a group of designers, engineers, sysadmins, researchers, and organizers who’ve worked together over the last four years in various combinations. We’ve brought our approaches from open-source and civic tech communities to projects with local and international clients.

What’s left?

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