2019-02-05 Hypha Worker Co-op: All Hands Meeting

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Time: Wed, Feb 05 @ 5-6pm
Location: https://jitsi.hypha.coop/hyphacoop
Attending: yj, uv, el, pc, bl, dc (halfsies), gi (listen)
Cultivator: pc
Notetaker: yj :raising_hand: Next up: uv, gi, el, bl, pc, dc, yj


Item Time (min)
Personal Checkins 5
Task Board Review 25
Working Group Updates
Project Updates
Announcements 5
Discussions 20
Process Checkout 5


Personal Checkins

uv - Dog, passed away, now family got another one. yj - lots of animals!!!!! (yurko is a secret dr. doolittle) bl - turtles, dont knwo where they came from, and dont know where they went (Maybe they became the ninja turtles?) el - No pets pc - No pet currently but once “mom came home with it”.

Task Board Review

Working Group Updates

Project Updates



Process Checkout

Action Items for Cultivator

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