2021-04-21 Hypha Worker Co-op Quarterly Planning - Spring 2021 🐛🌱🎛️

Time: 5:00-7:00pm ET
Location: https://link.hypha.coop/calls


Length: 2 hours
Format: Video call

Cultivator: Dawn
Scribe: uv, pc

Time Length Description
00:00 - 00:10 10mins Introductions and check-ins
00:10 - 00:30 20mins Organization updates
00:30 - 00:50 20mins WG/Initiative updates
00:50 - 00:55 5mins BIO BREAK!
00:55 - 01:20 25mins Discussion: New initiatives mapping
01:20 - 01:45 25mins Discussion: Financial forecast and budgeting
01:45 - 01:55 10mins Updating priorities for upcoming quarter
01:55 - 02:00 5mins Review of decisions and next steps

Background and Intent

This is our first quarterly planning call as we sit on the cusp of an organizational transformation from a our existing structure to one that is more resilient, cross-functional, open to experimentation around new styles of collaboration, and has supportive structures in place for members’ learning, growth, and livelihood.

Expected Outcomes

At the end of this planning session we will have:

  1. Prioritized our goals for the upcoming quarter
  2. Updated our member capacity
  3. Made organization-wide decisions collectively to guide our next three months
  4. Mapped out our initial list of initatives


Time Required: 1-5 hours

To ensure the sync time we have together is productive, we are asking all meeting attendees to do the following before the meeting:

  1. Reviewed [this] agenda.
  2. Read initiative transition plan. Do you have questions? Anything confusing?
  3. Checked out our initiative playbook (draft). Any parts that remain unclear? sections we need? comment!
  4. Participated in working groups to prepare for first quarterly planning call. Ready to discuss? 4a. Add your update to the slide deck!
  5. Updated member capacity and think on strategic goals.

Please complete the check on Loomio.

Spring Quarterly Planning Call

Introductions and check-ins

Organization updates



WG/Initiative updates



Migrate internal services:


Finalize AGM completed:




Discussion: New initiatives mapping

Discussion of initiative transition:

Estimating hours:

Discussed and consensed on proposed pathway:

Discussion: Financial forecast and budgeting

The past two months is most representative of the current and near-future financial state of the Co-operative, so I will base my analysis mostly on numbers from these two months.

Each month, our revenue is about $20,000 and we pay out between $2,000 to $7,500 in project expenses (including subcontractors). We spend between $13,500 to $16,000 on member wages and about $650 in operating costs. See Financial Projection sheet for details.

Our monthly operating costs by working group looks like this:

After all these, the Co-operative retains about $1,500 each month in profit (after the $650 operating costs is deducted), which we can use to make a budget for various activities.

We will use this new sheet for budget planning: https://link.hypha.coop/budget

Budget Requests :pencil: PLEASE ADD

[Other] Requests received by Finance WG

Here is a list of requests made to the Finance WG, ordered by perceived priority and urgency:

Updating priorities for upcoming quarter

Next steps


Appendix A - WG/Initiative update template

Appendix B - Initiative Budget template proposal

  1. Initiative
    • The name of the initiative
  2. Description
    • Who is leading this from the Co-operative
    • Who are involved internally and externally
    • What is this initiative
  3. Expected outcome
    • Why are we spending this money
  4. Total budget & high-level breakdown
    • What are the categories to spend on, at a high level
    • In the future we may create corresponding categories in our financial reports (but first we need to know what the boxes are)
  5. Timeline & payment schedule
    • Month granularity for large amounts, quarter granularity otherwise
    • Include milestones if releases are dependent on completion of some checkpoints
  6. Payment details
    • How do we pay this out?
    • Is it a lump sum to one receiver or many small payments?
    • Are there tax considerations?
    • Do we get receipts or other records?
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