2020-01-29 Hypha Worker Co-op: Governance WG Meeting

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Time: Wednesday, Jan 29, 2020 @ 10am-12pm
Location: https://jitsi.hypha.coop/hyphacoop
Attending: dc, pc
Cultivator: dc
Notetaker: dc, pc


Item Time (min)
Personal Checkins 5
Task Board Review 20
Discussions 40
Co-work 50
Process Checkout 5


Personal Checkins

Task Board Review


Parked discussions

Candidates for co-work

Co-work: Working Group Milestones into Objectives and Road to AGM

From Udit, January Cultivator:

“Could we have each working group spend time with their section below to discuss internally and flesh them out. And in our next All Hands (Wed, Feb 5th) each working group will present all the (1) objectives they wish to pursue for the year and (2) milestones that need to be hit/indicators that demonstrate success.”


Revised Governance objectives:

Revised Operations objectives:

Additional Operations goals (from All Hands):

Process Checkout

Action Items for Cultivator

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