2021-09-30 Hypha Worker Co-op: Dripline

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Time: 11:00-12:00pm ET
Location: https://link.hypha.coop/calls
Attending: uv, el, dc
Cultivator: dc
Notetaker: el


Item Time (min)
Personal Checkins 5
Announcements 5
Task Board Review 15
Discussions 30
Process Checkout 5




  1. What happened? 5Ws: What, what, where, when, why? (can re-use a lot from the incident report) [If you want a description about how to write this: “Write a blog post using the 5Ws” https://kathrynaragon.com/blog/write-blog-post-simple-5-ws/]

  2. What was surprising was that even though … accounts were lost …. recovered by… This was because …

  3. Why is this different from if we were using slack?

    • could this type of problem even happen if we were using slack?


Task Board Review

Process Checkout

Action Items for Cultivator

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