Toronto Workers Co-op Meeting 31 Oct 2018

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đź“‘ Retreat Planning Board

Time: 31 Oct 2018 5:30pm ET
Attending: elon, yurko, ben, udit, dc, garry



  1. Previous Business
  2. Revisit TODOs from last planning meeting (they were all covered)
  3. Share reading thoughts
  4. Write down concrete retreat goals
  5. Brainstorm retreat activities


  1. Share reading thoughts

Readings making us think about the meeting? - Framework to make sure we get what we want out of it - Need clarifty on what we can accomplish in the time we have - Stimuli for people to react to - e.g. Loomio for list of values (lets prototype 20 to 5), time committments, etc…

Recap of what we have agreed

Quick re-cap of format for retreat

Re-cap of suggestions

Discussing outcomes for planning session:

What Things Need to be done?

Explicit outcomes (TWO_PAGER):


Actionable Items

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