2019-09-11 Hypha Worker Co-op: Infra & Operations Meeting

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Time: Sep 11 @ 5:00pm ET
Location: https://meet.jit.si/hyphacoop
Attending: elon, patcon, yurko, dawn… Cultivator: elon Notetaker: dcwalk :raising_hand: uv, el, yj, gi, pc, dc, bl

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GitHub issue grooming session

Values and Tool Choices

  1. Why are we having this convo? What is the “problematic” we’ve identified?
  1. identify where we have articulated our values

    • Formally (long-list)
      • values list (retreat dec 2018)
      • mission and vision (retreat dec 2018)
      • meeting notes? (sparsely)
    • Informally
      • affiliations (communities) e.h., tomesh, civic tech, edgi, ournetworks
      • chat (not reaching conclusion)
      • loomio (in context of discussions)
      • practices (tools?) <– struggling with!
      • cotech forum threads (patcon)
      • conversations with allies and potential clients (patcon)
  2. what values do we think we have that might not be acknowledged?

    • What values do you think you have that others don’t?

    • What values do others hold that you think the others don’t?

      • priority for open source
      • “service first” mentality (@patcon) – recognizable from the mouth of the person we aspire to serve
      • anti-oppression/justice perspective (dcwalk)
      • pragmatic (dcwalk +1 patcon)
  3. how do we work (in a timely fashion) in a way that is aligned with our values

#todo dc: move this values to loomio #todo dc: pick up this values convo next infra call

Follow Up

Actionable Items

Upcoming Discussions

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