Toronto Workers Co-op Meeting 26 Sep 2018

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đź“‘ Retreat Planning Board

Time: 26 Sep 2018 5:30 pm EST
Attending: benhylau, udit, yurko, ansuz, dcwalk, elon, garry



  1. Previous Business
    • Review Actionable Items from last meeting
    • Gathering updates about grants (Protocol Labs, others?)
  2. November Planning Session
    • schedule: date, times, and length
    • format: pre-read, facilitated sessions, async work
    • themes and outcomes for the discussion in November: consensus on vision + mission, levels of commitment, roles and remuneration, mechanisms for decision making and conflict resolution, code of conduct etc.
  3. Determining who has availability to plan and coordinate the November planning session
  4. Going over how we communicate in the coming months (mailing list, riot, docs etc.)


Previous Business

  1. Gathering updates on grants

November December Planning Session

Availability to coordinate November December planning session

December Planning Working Group (DPWG Coin)

Name Availability Notes
udit Async last two weeks of Nov Able to lead if enough supporting people
benhylau Oct 27 onwards Async before Oct 27 then pretty available to help plan
dcwalk Available with no travel plans Don’t want to lead but can assist in planning
ansuz Async and day-of Leaving shortly for France, no fixed plans for return to Toronto
patcon (check with patcon)
rob (check with rob)

Actual Planning

Going over how we communicate in the coming months

Actionable Items

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