Toronto Workers Co-op Process Meeting (Part 2)

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đź“‘ Retreat Planning Board

Time: 14 Sep 2018 4:30 pm EST
Attending: ansuz, benhylau, dcwalk, garry, elon??



  1. Protocol Labs RFP drafting retrospective
  2. Open work model
  3. Document policies
  4. Project management tools
  5. Review potential actionable items from last meeting
  6. Budget
  7. November in-person meeting plans


Protocol Labs RFP drafting retrospective

Ben was taking notes in another place in the doc :(

Open work model

Document policies

Project management tools

November meeting plans


## Review potential Actionable items Recall.. - establish shared calendar - establish shared email - crm/spreadsheet of contacts - top-level coordination tool - establish how we plan to be self-sustainable (financially) - keep this in mind for our future grant processes - service business? (we act as contractors) - diversify income sources (Rob and Udit) in the future ## Actionable items * dawn: set up a poll to arrive at a _Generally Available Time_ so we know when to schedule things * there are several scheduling questions * Poll: (ET) * ansuz: set up a google docs shared folder * ansuz: make a git repository with a (possibly self-hosted) upstream * ansuz: set up a mailing list? * mailing list with * get emails from the offline.networks proposal * ben: loop Rob and Udit into the planning process for coop meeting * project board? * shouldn't live only in Meeting notes! * d: let's start planning **now** (I can share old docs) * b: can't foresee people being available _now_ because we planned to start in November * d: if we can't plan now, we shouldn't schedule now. * _give people time to be successful_ --d * ben: plan another meeting for next week? * to catch up on status of actionable items * future: Talk about our plan for what we do if we don't get the grant * this informs how much time we ought to allocate towards coop activity before we know the status of the grant * create a policy for a coop _reading networks_ * name the organization * buy a domain?