2021-07-28 Hypha Worker Co-op: Dripline

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Time: 10:00-11:00am ET
Location: https://link.hypha.coop/calls
Attending: uv, el, dc
Cultivator: dc
Notetaker: dc


Item Time (min)
Discussions 30



Two posts

  1. Making change
  2. Mai’s piece


#TODO dc created issue. el to close by adding to readme

If GH actions supports environments from at PR then we handle reviews directly in PRs to master If GH actions does not support environments in PR (aka reviewing not having to be local to device) then we use a staging flow

Proposed flow (not using this):

^ This flow is too heavy

Flow (we’ll use this):

How do we deal with publishing to Dweb?

#TODO el to check and see what it will take to deploy to dweb through GH actions.

What do we do about this? https://github.com/hyphacoop/hypha.coop/pull/35

What to do if htmlproofer is missing?

#TODO add instructions to readme

What to do about auto resizing images for web optimization?

#TODO dc add issue for web optimization

#TODO fixes hypha.coop/dripline/

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