2020-01-09 Hypha Worker Co-op: Business Planning

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Time: Thu, Jan 9 @ 10-noon ET
Location: https://jitsi.hypha.coop/hyphacoop
Attending: uv, bl, dc
Cultivator: uv
Notetaker: dc



Brainstorming BizDev Working Group Objectives

Prioritized and de-duplicated WG objectives:

  1. Build our engagement strategy
  2. Develop our leads and opportunities pipeline
  3. Gain a better sense of work that people want to do (pitch/project and interest alignment)
    • Could be subpoint of pipeline
  4. Assess our financial sustainability (as “capacity to endure”) by developing key metrics an initial projection
    • Can the org pay its bills?
    • Can the org pay people the amt they expect in a year?
    • Can the org pay the actual hours logged in Clockify? (which bucket?)
      • dc: yes but not urgent, we are in okay timeline (bl agrees)
      • dc: define metrics + projection, then modify policy to measure them
  5. Shorten our lead-to-proposal time

Sales Opportunities

Next Meeting(s)


Action Items for Cultivator

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