2021-05-05 Hypha Worker Co-op: All Hands

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Time: 5:00-6:00pm ET
Location: https://link.hypha.coop/calls
Attending: gi, yj, dc, uv, bl, el
Cultivator: dc
Notetaker: bl


Item Time (min)
Personal Checkins 5
Announcements 5
Working Group Updates 15
Project Updates 15
Discussions 20


Personal Checkins



  1. We reviewed finances, member capacity, and WGs=>initiatives on the go

We made the following collective agreements:

  1. We developed a list of initiatives and time budget for the remainder of Q2 (June 30), we will spend more time discussing and refining at our next strategy meeting at the AGM (July or Aug)

  2. We collectively identified the key goal for this quarter:

(7) Hypha should develop our workflow and processes to support a culture of accountability with defined collaboration and decision-making techniques and tools

This seems especially pertinent to all the discussions we had about: clockify use, establishing initiatives, thinking about hours toward internal work. We can carry this forward into establishing the initiatives in the next few weeks.

Others in the top 3: (6) Deepen our relationships and partnerships, (4) refine our positioning with respect to our collaborators

  1. We estimated and agreed on a 15/month hourly limit per member (or 100/month total) for internal initiatives https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LyElXvLj7ASclSPQqcgOnuEWqBWBStilEfOhIosZzhA/edit#gid=858595530
  1. We went over time and did not discuss budget requests, those are all captured in the notes and will be brought to our next All hands on May 5, 2021.

Budgeting discussion from Spring Quarterly Planning Call

Call me Chrysalis NEXT STEPS: [WIP]

DEADLINE to switch to initiative meetings and structure: 3 weeks == May 19! [May 26]

Action Items for Cultivator

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