2019-04-24 Toronto Workers Co-op: All-Hands Meeting

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Time: 17:00 - 18:00 EDT
Location: https://meet.jit.si/offline





Working group updates


Non-profit v. Profit

DC collaboration

Follow Up Items

Upcoming Discussions

Actionable Items

Appendix - Profit v. Non-profit Worker Co-operative Proposal

The Governance Working Group conducted research as part of incorporation in order to understand the tradeoffs between non- versus for-profit status, we summarize those below as well as put forward the following proposal to help us decide the following:


photo of sketch of co-op incorporation map

See our Co-op Informational Interviews sheet for details on who we’ve spoken to.

#TODO Discussion: Grant Opportunities

#TODO Discussion: Working with non-profits


From our research we view the “calculation” as: what opportunities we see ahead require from an operating structure and what are those that match founding member skills, networks, and interests.

In order to determine how Hypha Worker Co-operative should incorporate we should collectively answer the following questions:

In addition, we propose:

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